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Tara 1997.




The Section for processing  and energy in agriculture was founded in 1985. as a part of  Vojvodinian society for agricultural engineering. Its activity was developing step by step until the moment it became overgrown from the frames of its performance. In this purpose, and because of the specific interdisciplinary which was connecting agricultural engineers, mechanical engineers, agronomists, technological engineers, technicians, electricians, building engineers, economists and others, the Yugoslavian Society for Processing and Energy in Agriculture was founded. This event was held in November 1996. on the farm ”Zobnatica”, near Backa Topola. The founder of this society was The Section for processing  and energy in agriculture. The society continued the tradition and business that were developed in the Section.
In the year 2004.the name of the association was changed in the Society for Processing and Energy in Agriculture, and in the year 2006. the name became the National Society for Processing and Energy in Agriculture. Summing up the activities of the Section and the Society, a large number of meetings, workshops, conferences, around tables, equipment shows, expert excursions etc. was organized.
First scientific- expert conference ”Processing and Energy in Agriculture” was organized in 1988. and from that time, until nowadays it was successfully repeated every year. This conference received a very important renown in Serbia and also in foreign countries.
In the beginning, the papers were printed in the proceedings of the paper, but in the year 1997. printing was in journal PTEP- the Journal on Processing and Energy in Agriculture. This journal became a satisfying renown. By the evaluation of the Republic ministry of science and environment protection, PTEP was classified in the category of journals that have a national importance. 
From the establishment and nowadays, every year are organized the thematical workshops TOSS (around table of experts). In the long tradition and development a very important role had the firms that were fund and grand donators.